About the Roto Royal

About the Blog

The Roto Royal is a baseball blog that focuses primarily on two areas of Major League baseball: fantasy and the Kansas City Royals. When it comes to Fantasy, the Roto Royal will give in-depth forecasts and analysis on players and roster moves which can help fantasy players and their teams be competitive on a weekly basis in their respective leagues. While the main focus will be on mixed-leagues, there will be analysis and posts that will touch on AL or NL only fantasy leagues as well.

The second aspect (and maybe bigger) part of this blog will be a focus on the Kansas City Royals. Posts will not just focus on the Major League club and its players, but the organization as a whole including prospects and teams in the Royals minor league system. This section of the blog will contain posts that will contain not just analytical, sabermetric-oriented articles, but also ones that come from my own biased perspective as a Kansas City Royals fan.

About the Author

The Roto Royal is run by a high school teacher by day, baseball fan and blogger by night. The author originally grew up in Northern California, and hence, grew up a San Francisco Giants fan. However, he moved to Kansas City in the summer of 2013, and since then, he grew to follow and become a major fan of the Kansas City Royals organization and their fanbase. In fact, the author probably knows more about the Royals than the the Giants today. He is not a total fair weather fan either, as he used to play as the Royals in Season mode on MLB Baseball on the PS1 and MVP Baseball on the PS2 during his formative years, so he knows all about Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Aaron Guiel, and Angel Berrora.

When he isn’t playing fantasy baseball or following the Royals, the author enjoys basketball, binging on Netflix documentaries, exercising while listening to podcasts, drinking copious amounts of coffee, drinking at KCK dive bars, and finding new BBQ places in the Kansas City Metro.